LED Therapy

Looking for a fast and easy way to boost collagen and improve tone and texture on your face? The latest device to quickly tackle these concerns – which is generating buzz among celebrities.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy works based on what color of light is applied to the skin. These colored, non-heat emitting lights have been clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin formation (which degrades as we age), kill acne bacteria, and relieve deep tissue and joint pain. Developed by research from NASA, this treatment is not only part of our signature facials here at Zoroaster Med Spa, but it is also offered as a stand-alone service. Over time you will see dramatic improvement in the clarity, tone, and texture of the skin leaving you looking younger and your skin refined and rejuvenated.

Red Carpet Lift by Zoroaster Med Spa

Have you noticed lately that your sagging skin needs a “pick-me-up” (and we mean literally)? If so, Zoroaster Med Spa offers a fast, easy treatment that can take years off your face. Meet Laser Skin Tightening, one of the newest, most advanced and effective techniques for fast tightening and lifting skin.
This non-invasive treatment performed by our experienced staff is like a “drive-through” facelift. Just imagine, you can tighten and raise your jowls, under eye bags and sagging chin, while lessening unwanted frown lines, necklines or other lined areas on your face and neck, quickly and painlessly without downtime.
It’s the ideal treatment to make you look and feel ‘Red Carpet-Ready” for life’s special events. From weddings and galas to reunions and that special date night, Skin tightening with laser is that “secret something” you can do for yourself, as you deserve a “lift” too!

Semi-Permanent Cosmetic

Permanent Skin Correction

  • Eyebrows
    • Individual hair lines can precisely layered on the skin with Zoroaster Micro hair line technique, creating a completely natural look. Brows can be reshaped, darkened or thickened. They can even be created entirely, where there was previously no hair at all. Imagine having perfect semi-permanent eyebrows and never having to spend time applying makeup.
  • Eyeliner
    • Eyeliner enhances definition, creating a show-stopping frame for your eyes. Zoroaster Micro hair line technique applies eyeliner on your natural lash line, in between your individual lashes, on both upper & lower lashes. Finally, a 100% smudge-free lash line!
  • Lips
    • Imagine having fuller, more vibrant and younger looking lips without having to apply lipstick or fillers!!!!!!!!!
      Your lip shape will be designed, custom colors blended. Zoroaster Micro hair line is applied first and then completely shaded for a stunningly natural look to the lip line.
  • Scalp Shading
    • Tired of thinning/fine hair? With Zoroaster Micro hair line technique scalp shading you can reduce the appearance of thinning hair on men and women. Individual hairs are layered on the skin camouflaging the scalp & creating an illusion of thicker hair.
  • Vitiligo Camouflage
    • Vitiligo is a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin. Zoroaster Micro hair line treats clients with Vitiligo to restore skin pigmentation appearance as well as confidence! With Zoroaster Micro hair line, colors are custom blended & applied in layers until the desired results are attained.
  • Makeup for Men
    • Zoroaster Micro hair line Makeup for Men is a NEW semi-permanent makeup procedure for the brows, eyes, lips and scalp. Zoroaster Micro hair line lasts up to 3 years and can be touched-up as needed. Zoroaster Micro hair line safe alternative to permanent cosmetics can give you the confidence you want.
  • Scar Camouflage
    • Embarrassed of unsightly scars? Have you tried over-the-counter creams that claim to get rid of scars?
    • Experience Zoroaster Micro hair line innovation. Skin color pigments are blended to match each client’s skin tones and applied over the scar to reduce its appearance.
  • Permanent Makeup Correction
    • Dissatisfied with past permanent makeup applications? Permanent makeup changes into unpleasant colors over time. Our natural, mineral-based skin color pigments can be applied over existing permanent makeup to correct and camouflage the shape and color.
  • Areola Reconstruction
    • After surgery or cancer treatments, areolas can be left uneven or even nonexistent. Unfortunately, not too long ago, there wasn’t a great way to help women solve this post-treatment problem. Now, with Zoroaster Micro hair line technique, can reshape areolas and add the correct pigment tone back in, so that they look natural and symmetrical.



Monthly Specials 


Monthly Special for February

HydraFacial 50% Off

Regular price $150

  • Buy two large laser hair removals, get one small free.
  • Buy one large & one medium laser hair removal, get one small free.
  • Buy two medium laser hair removals, get one small free.

Special pricing for laser hair removal:


  • Small (for six sessions)          $145
  • Medium (for six sessions)     $245
  • Large (for six sessions)          $345


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Facial Therapies

Our accomplished aesthetics bring your luminous beauty outward. After a custom evaluation, your aesthetician will recommend a course of treatment designed to provide optimal skin healing and radiant balance. All facials include a cleansing, skin analysis, therapeutic massage, specialty masque, intensive serum, protective finishing cream, and hand and foot treatments.


Deluxe Caviar Facial

Our most luxurious facial combines powerful antioxidants, protein rich caviar, re-generating Co-enzyme A, and a specialized designed AcuLiftMassage to deeply hydrate, reduce fine lines, improve skin elasticity and smooth skin texture, all resulting in a vibrant, radiant complexion which is immediately noticeable, 90 minute facial may include micro current lift and/or LED light therapy, based on your skin

Was $200,  Special Price $100


Correcting Advanced Repair Facial

A customized results-oriented facial treatment, with a multi-acid or enzyme peel, to address specific skin conditions of the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Ideal for skin types concerned with hyperpigmentation, congested skin, fine lines and premature aging. This facial will leave you feeling more youthful and confident. 90 minute facial may include Micro current lift therapy, based on your skin

Was $250,  Special Price $125


Zoroaster Customized Facial

Following a thorough skin analysis and consultation, a personalized, optimal facial treatment will be designed to target your specific skin needs, resulting in highly satisfying, glowing results. 90 minute facial may include micro current lift/and or LED light therapy, based on your skin

Was $260,  Special Price $130


Gentleman's Customized Facial

Following a thorough skin analysis and consultation, a personalized, optimal facial treatment will be designed for you considering the specific needs of a gentleman, resulting in a visible improvement in your skin’s tone, texture and complexion

 Was $250,  Special Price $125


Life Stage Anti-Aging Facial

A unique solution to anti-aging via NET (Natural Encapsulation Technology) which penetrates targeted actives directly into the dermis. This advanced facial addresses the visible signs of aging by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing unwanted pigmentation, stimulating skins elasticity and reducing redness, leaving you more noticeably youthful

Was $250,  Special Price $125


Wild Crafted Organic Facial

Wildcrafted organic and natural ingredients, along with essential oils work together to remedy dry and congested skin. Utilizing enzyme exfoliation, and through the use of herbs, fruits, honey and yogurt, your skin will experience a natural deep cleansing, resulting in a radiant nature inspired glow

Was $220,  Special Price $110


Mini Facial $160 > $80

A quick way to look and feel refreshed, the ideal facial for maintenance between skin treatments, or a perfect addition to any of our body treatments

Was $80,  Special Price $40


Jan Marini Express Facial

Achieve immediate results with a photoelectric enzyme deep poor cleanse, re-texturizing exfoliate, and a powerful anti-oxidant rich mask. Suitable for all skin types

Was $160,  Special Price $80


European Facial

A revitalizing deep cleansing facial designed as a purifying treatment. Facial includes a customized cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as needed, and a personalized mask

Was $160,  Special Price $80


Teen Facial

A great facial introduction for teens in maintaining healthy and youthful skin. This facial teaches teens the importance of proper skincare

Was $80,  Special Price $40


Clarifying Facial

Detoxify and refine your congested pores with this deeply cleansing facial. Extensive extractions will remove build-up and allow the skin ton feel and look healthy. Completer this treatment with a clarifying mask designed to clarify, repair, and improve problematic skin

Was $150,  Special Price $75


Acne Facial $110 > $55

This facial is the most effective treatment for targeting acne, and breakout prone skin. The products used work at the cellular level in renewing skin, improving skin function, and maintaining skins youth and vitality. We recommend clear light therapy in conjunction with this facial for best results

Was $110,  Special Price $55