For those of us who work in the beauty industry, our jobs are a dream fulfilled every single day. We work with amazing people, we love the products and we get to work on some of the most creative projects out there. We could pinch ourselves if we weren’t so tired all of the time… but seriously, who can complain when you love what you do?

To enhance each client’s natural beauty with the most advanced cosmetic and medical procedures that includes all of the latest European technique, advance skin services for medical treatment. Performed by an entrusted and energetic team Of highly-trained, creative technicians and fully-accredited medical professionals.

We believe in spending as much time necessary in communicating and educating our patients.

Our staff; Joanne, Emmy and Phebe are all easily accessible for questions regarding skin care and treatments. Please feel free to call us regarding your interest in enhancing your appearance. You can rest assured that we will do our best to personally meet your needs.

PDO Thread Lift

Gita N. Khattaie

Gita N. Khattaie RN with 27 years of experience working in medical cosmetic, assisting Plastic Surgeon (Dr. H. Hamzehpur), and experienced in state-of-the-art laser and permanent skin correction of uneven pigmentation. She also has five years of extensive training for filler and Botox with Esthetic Skin Institute in United States.

Fargo Meds CO. /Zoroaster Med Spa & Wellness owned by one of the best known medical doctors in California. We are also proud to have Dr. S. Naqvi in our group as our supervising MD who does the health assessment for our clients.

Dr. M. Rashti

Dr. Rashti received his medical degrees in 1975 and has been delivering  world-class quality of patient care from coast to coast for last four decades as a board certified family practice prior to entering the beauty industry.
Dr. Rashti has remarkable experience with liquid face lift, injectable products and lengthy list of gratified clients.
He is well known among his admirer patients as a delightful soul with extra conventional nature. His patient’s care is remarkable and matchless. Zoroaster Medical Spa & Wellness has been honored to have him as the medical director on the board and his supervision for the best quality of care.

Dr. S. Naqvi

Dr. Naqvi is our medical supervisor

Sodagari Sam Adrien

SODAGARI SAM ADRIEN, is a young French International Trade & Finance student at Paris 14 and is currently in charge of ZOROASTER MEDICAL SPA’s information technology, online marketing and advertising.
Besides speaking 4 languages fluently (French, English, Spanish, Farsi and soon Arabic), he is smart and strategic in the 21st century’s computing world, thus, I hereby certify that he is completely able to increase one’s business sales in the shortest amount of time by simply sitting behind his computer, as he is doing for us.
Glad to count you in ZOROASTER MEDICAL SPA Sam Adrien.

Robert Nuzzolese

(Robert Nuzzolese) For most of Robert’s life, he has been a student of philosophy and psychology. He has spent much of his life in the pursuit of finding a more harmonious life free from the things that clutter our minds and prevent one from finding that “true happiness”. Robert has earned two Bachelor Degrees, a Master’s  Degree in Family, Marriage and Child Therapy, a certificate through the Strauss School of Negotiations, Mediations and Advocacy and is currently is pursuing his Doctorate...